Protoform is an innovative and forward-thinking company created by two young product designers with a passion for design and development. With their expertise, they soon realized that there was a need to bridge the gap between concept and realization, leading to the establishment of an invaluable development service to South African industry.

In short, Protoform transform drawings and 3D renderings into tangible scale models. For those unable to visualize a design from a drawing, a Protoform model is invaluable in providing a better understanding of the concept.

Our customers have realised the benefits of using our printed models as an expressive tool during conceptual design, as presentation aids, in sales and marketing, as well as for functional testing. What’s more, by rapid prototyping your model, valuable development time and costs are saved thus fast-tracking one's design to the market.

Product Design, Engineering, Architectural Models, Sculptures. Whatever your idea, let us transform your concepts into reality.

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